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The times are changing, and so are we. At the Law Offices of Daniel Hunt, we’re embracing technology and using it to provide quality educational content for the public and our clients. That’s why we decided to take our popular Estate Planning 101 Seminar and turn it into a webinar that could be viewed anytime, anywhere. 

Some of the topics covered in this webinar include: saving your estate the cost, time, and publicity involved in a Probate; Estate Planning pitfalls; preserving your estate from Federal Estate and Capital Gains taxes; planning for Medi-Cal or VA benefits; and a Q&A session with lead attorney Daniel Hunt.

Below, you can watch a recorded version of our April 2020 webinar. We will also post information about future scheduled webinars as they arise.

At the bottom of the page, be sure to download our Free Estate Planning 101 Guide. This guide answers Frequently Asked Questions about Estate Planning on topics like California Probate, Living Trusts, Advance Directives, and Powers of Attorney. Already have an estate plan? We also include a handy chart to help you decide if it’s time to revise it. 

For questions about webinars, please email info@dhtrustlaw.com



Free Estate Planning 101 Guide

In this free resource, we answer Frequently Asked Questions about the basics of estate planning.
Already have a trust? We also include 11 key questions that will help you decide if it’s time to revise your estate plan. 


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