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Practice Areas

Powers of Attorney
Incapacity Planning
Medi-Cal Planning

We believe that estate planning is not “one size fits all”. Your estate plan should be customized to fit your needs, which is why we provide a complete estate planning experience. From our free seminars, which provide an overview of estate planning issues, to a no-cost initial consultation, where our attorneys meet with you one-on-one to discuss your individual desires, we create an estate plan that fits your life and meets your needs!

Our clients tend to be clients for life. We provide regular client updates pertaining to estate planning law changes and periodic exclusive client seminars. Our clients are welcome to call the office at any time with questions pertaining to their estate plan.

Executor Representation
Beneficiary Representation
Real Estate Sales

When a person dies without an estate plan or with a will only, a court-supervised process called probate is required to distribute their estate. We guide clients through this process smoothly until its completion.

Trusts and Trust Administration
Trust Drafting:
  • Probate Avoidance Trusts
  • Grantor Trusts
  • Estate Tax Avoidance
  • Life Insurance Trusts
  • Special Needs Trusts
​​Trust Administration​:
  • Allocations and Disclaimers
  • Tax Return Preparation
  • Fiduciary Protection​

Our Estate Planning seminars offer a perfect introduction to various types of trust and their purposes. Many of our clients choose to implement a probate-avoidance trust when creating an estate plan. Our attorneys can advise on the specific advantages of a trust for your estate plan during in a no-cost consultation.

When a person creates a trust as part of their estate plan, there are steps that must be taken in order to administer that document after they pass. We offer the successor trustee(s) a no-cost initial consultation to go over the process. Our staff has guided countless successor trustee(s) through this trust administration process over the years. We pride ourselves on making this process as smooth and comfortable as possible, during a difficult time of loss.


Trustee/Executor Representation
Beneficiary Representation
Mediation, Discovery and Trial
Elder Financial Abuse
Breach of Trust Issues

We advise trustees and executors who find themselves in conflict with beneficiaries, and help beneficiaries assert their rights to a share of trust and probate estates. Regardless of which side we represent, we carefully advise our clients of their rights, duties, and responsibilities. We look for cost-effective ways of resolving client conflicts, gather information through the discovery process, use mediation when appropriate, and take matters to trial.

Conservatorship of Estate/Person

Conservatorship of Minors/Special Needs Children

Conservatorship Due to Incapacity

Where estate planning documents were not in place, situations arise where a conservatorship may become necessary. In this scenario, a judge appoints a responsible person or organization (the “conservator”) to care for an adult (the “conservatee”) who cannot care for him/herself or manage his/her own finances. We guide clients through each step of this process to make sure that your loved one is taken care of properly.

Advantages of a Living Trust


Save Time: In California, the average probate lasts 12 months, and can last longer if the estate is contested.


Save Money: Probate fees are established by California statutes. Probate can cost your estate tens of thousands of dollars.


Protect Privacy: A trust keeps your estate matters private, whereas a probate makes them public record.


Provide for Minor Children: A trust allows parents to designate a guardian for minor children and avoid the foster care system.


Avoid a Conservatorship:
If you become ill or incapacitated, your successor trustee can manage your affairs without the intervention of a court.

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