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Some people feel that only millionaires can be philanthropic. This is simply not true! The vast majority of funds donated to charities are of very small monetary value, but collectively become significant contributions. Everyone should experience the joy of giving!

To encourage our clients’ philanthropic efforts, Mr. Hunt amends trusts (or wills) with the sole change of adding a charity to the distribution scheme at no cost. (The cost of amending supporting documents will remain unchanged.)  Other charitable bequests also receive a discount on services.

We encourage our clients to explore the local charities listed at GivingEdge. Whether you are interested in donating to these worthy causes now, on the Big Day of Giving held annually each May, Giving Tuesday in November, or incorporating a nonprofit into your trust distribution scheme, we hope you will find these tools valuable as you plan to give back.



  • Every time we order office supplies through Amazon Smile, our firm supports the nonprofit of our choice, Eskaton Foundation.
  • Every July our office team participates in the Fab 40’s 5k, an annual East Sacramento walk/run benefiting the Alzheimer’s Association. Here are a few shots of our 2015 team at the race.
  • May 2018: Mr. Hunt matched employee contributions on the Big Day of Giving, which raised $7.4 million for local nonprofits.
  • December 2017: Our office adopted families at St. John’s Program for Real Change for Christmas.
  • May 2016: Our office supported Eskaton Foundation on the Big Day of Giving, which works to enhance the quality of life of seniors.
  • December 2015: Our office adopted several seniors for Christmas through the Elves for the Elderly program. This annual program is run by Seniors First, an organization dedicated to keeping seniors independent.